Application Development Services

Anteil specializes in the development, maintenance, and support of Web-based software applications. Our services include:
  • Consulting
    Our staff is able to draw on a broad range of experiences in order to pinpoint problems and determine the best course for a solution, balancing the application of technology with changes in operating procedures.
  • Project Management
    Using techniques such as Theory of Constraints (TOC), Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT), and Critical Path Method (CPM), Anteil is able to accurately plan and execute projects, following our client's guidelines for success.
  • System Analysis/Design/Integration
    From hardware to software, network configuration to user interfaces, Anteil is able to recommend a design that will meet the immediate needs of the organization as well as provide a path for future growth.
  • Database Design
    Most large-scale software solutions require a database for organization of critical data. Anteil helps its clients in the reduction of information to create data models that will hold the weight of the desired applications.
  • Application Design
    The mapping of an organizational process to a software system in such a way that it is intuitive to the user is the goal of a good design. Users should require minimal training above and beyond their job specific knowledge in order to make effective use of the system. Anteil recognizes that first-hand knowledge of the problem at hand is necessary for a software system to succeed.
  • Programming & Development
    Anteil provides programming services that are second to none. Our staff is skilled in algorithms and the fundamental computer operations that are common to all software languages. Further, we create and use software tools to speed the programming process wherever possible. We follow industry trends and adopt the tools and best practices to enable us to provide the finest software product available.
  • Implementation
    We work with our clients to ensure the successful application of the technology at hand. Whether it is a custom system or an off-the-shelf package, we are available to help our clients move a solution into production.
  • Data Conversion
    Anteil has the tools, skills, and experience for conversion of data from virtually any platform. Whether mainframe or micro, we can read and convert data from all common platforms and most any system that has been deployed in the last 20 years. Further, we can ensure that data is converted accurately and effectively.
  • Maintenance
    Anteil is ready and able to assist with troubleshooting and routine maintenance of an application as well as the individual pieces that make up the solution from the hardware to the operating system and to the user interface.
  • Support
    In addition to providing support services for the continued successful operation of our custom solutions, we strive to educate our clients' staff to enable them to take control of their software solution and be confident in its operation and nurture its growth.