Discover the latest advances that make it super easy and unbelievably affordable to link your telephones with your information systems, providing the ultimate in customer sales and service.

Now you can run with the big dogs!

The first computers were assembled by hand and were affordable only to the largest of companies. In the late 70's, Apple and IBM LEVELED THE PLAYING FIELD , making computers affordable, for the first time, to companies of all sizes.

By leveraging the power of today's industry standard components, Polycom, Digium, and Anteil have LEVELED THE PLAYING FIELD for DIGITAL TELEPHONE SYSTEMS . For the first time, features like click-to-call, local conference calling, voice mail to e-mail, and office integration with CALLERID, are affordable to companies of ALL sizes.

And, for those of you who WERE able to afford it before, Anteil can show you how to cut 70% of the operating expenses associated with your proprietary telephone systems.

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